Friday, October 26, 2012

Announcing the Winner of the Shabby Apple $50 Gift Certificate Giveaway! (Not too Shabby!)

As promised, this morning we are revealing the winner of the Shabby Apple $50 gift certificate. I selected the winner very scientifically. I wrote every name on it's own little piece of paper, stirred them around in a big glass mixing bowl with an old wooden spoon, then I used a pair of tongs to randomly select one name. Seriously, I really did this. Had to make it authentic, right?

Drum roll please . . . . . and the winner is . . . . TJ-and-Amy! Warmest congratulations to you, TJ-and-Amy! I will email you today at the address included in your comment and provide the details so you can retrieve your prize. (And, hey, don't forget to check out those cute aprons, when you're trying to decide what to get. I just think they're so retro-adorable.)

And thanks so much to all who entered this giveaway.  Thank you also to Shabby Apple for suggesting it in the first place!


unikorna said...

Congrats on your blog, it’s an explosion of color and delight, kisses Jane.

Paula said...

Congratulations to TJ and Amy!!