Saturday, April 18, 2009

Inspiration is just a Bakery Away . . .

I've been visiting some fantastic bakeries lately. Not buying a doggone thing, but loving just about everything I've seen. You might say I've been in these bakeries in spirit, though not incarnate. I've been virtually visiting an array of utterly stunning and unusual establishments' websites, looking for ideas and inspiration to fuel my daydreams. I stumble upon these sites now and then via other baking related blogs, through magazine articles, by perusing readers' comments in a wide spectrum of foodie websites, and sometimes by googling odd or not-so-odd baking terms/phrases. You name it, these wonderful bakeries and pastry shops are lurking out there, waiting to be found. I thought it might be fun to share with you a list of a few of these extremely appealing, occasionally daring, always yummy-looking shops.

Particularly encouraging to me, for some of these enterprises, are the "pin-stripe-suit to pastry brush" stories that describe their beginnings. Frequently, or so it seems, these businesses are conceived by individuals who've left the corporate world either by choice or by force. They're often started by people who are bound and determined to pursue a different kind of professional life. I can relate to that dream. And so, now and then, I love to take a few minutes to meander hypnotically through such sites. Maybe you feel the same way?
That's just a tiny group to start with. I'll add more as I find them and deem them worthy of our list. If you find any you deem worthy, please let me know!


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